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Undoing Past Wrongs: Chipping Away at Capital Punishment

By Hira Baig Associate Editor, Volume 23 The vast majority of countries, 140 to be exact, consider the death penalty cruel and unusual punishment.[1]  The current constitution of Germany, for example, forbids use of capital punishment.[2] Lawyer and activist Bryan Stevenson … Continue reading

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Good cops, bad cops, and the so-called YouTube effect

By Jason Raylesberg Associate Editor, Vol. 21 In my last post, I described how some states have allocated funds toward initiatives seeking to theoretically establish what is already known in practice about profiling by police.  I argued that such money … Continue reading

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The bifurcated Asian American response to Fisher II: controversy goes on

Last month, the author explored how Asian Americans view affirmative action policies.  As the Supreme Court prepares to hear Fisher II, this issue reappeared to the author personally in her role as a student leader. By Jennifer Chun Associate Editor, … Continue reading

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One person, one vote? The Supreme Court considers in Evenwel v. Abbott

By Tom Topping Associate Editor, Vol. 21 “One person, one vote,” a longstanding principle upon which our legislative districts are drawn, is under fire in a case currently pending before the Supreme Court. In Evenwel v. Abbott, the petitioners attack … Continue reading

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Supreme Court should allow disparate-impact Fair Housing Act claims

By Luis Gomez, Associate Editor, Vol. 20 Intentional racial discrimination is difficult to prove in suits like the one involving the nonprofit Inclusive Communities Project and the Texas Department of Housing, which went before the U.S. Supreme Court on January … Continue reading

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Supreme Court Allows Strict Texas Voter ID Law

By: Lauren Tortorella, Associate Editor Vol. 20 On October 18, the Supreme Court issued an order allowing Texas to use its strict voter ID law for the November election. The 2011 law requires voters to present a photo ID before … Continue reading

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