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Scholarship from MJR&L Volume 26.1:

Race-Based Discrimination in U.S. Immigration Policy

“We Are Asking Why You Treat Us This Way. Is It Because We Are Negroes?” A Reparations-Based Approach to Remedying the Trump Administration’s Cancellation of TPS Protections for Haitians

Article by Sarah E. Baranik de Alarcón, David H. Secor, and Norma Fuentes-Mayorga

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Narrative Parable

The Soul Savers: A 21st Century Homage to Derrick Bell’s Space Traders or Should Black People Leave America?

Article by Katheryn Russell-Brown

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Indian Law

Predicting Supreme Court Behavior in Indian Law Cases

Article by Grant Christensen

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Diversity & Inclusion in Legal Education

#ForTheCulture: Generation Z and the Future of Legal Education

Article by Tiffany D. Atkins

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Racial Wealth Gap

How to Sue an Asue? Closing the Racial Wealth Gap Through the Transplantation of a Cultural Institution

Article by Cyril A.L. Heron

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Immigration Detention

Thirteenth Amendment Litigation in the Immigration Detention Context

Article by Jennifer Safstrom

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Reproductive Justice

The Scales of Reproductive Justice: Casey’s Failure to Rebalance Liberty Interests in the Racially Disparate State of Maternal Medicine

Article by Mallori D. Thompson

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