Christina Whitman


Christina B. Whitman, a former editor in chief of the Michigan Law Review, holds three degrees from the University of Michigan, including a law degree and a graduate degree in Chinese literature. She joined the Michigan law faculty in 1976, after serving as law clerk to Judge Harold Leventhal of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit and to Justice Lewis Powell of the Supreme Court of the United States. Her research interests include federal courts, constitutional litigation, torts, and feminist jurisprudence. Whitman is also a professor of Women’s Studies at the University and serves as Special Counsel to the Provost for the Policy on Conflicts of Interest/Conflicts of Commitment. She is interested in questions of responsibility and justice, particularly as they arise in cultural conflicts, and in the use of legal language to conceal and reveal responsibility. Whitman served as associate dean for academic affairs for the Law School from 1997-2001, and in November 2001, she was named the Francis A. Allen Collegiate Professor of Law.

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