In August of 2014, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced plans to create the Gun Violence Crisis Management System, which will provide nearly $12.7 million to neighborhood-based anti-violence organizations. One such group, called Gangstas Making Astronomical Community Change (GMACC), consists of reformed gangsters who hit the streets with the goal of stamping out […]

By: Whitney Robinson, Associate Editor Vol. 20 President Obama shared a powerful and important message during his address to the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation this past Saturday.  According to Obama, the fatal shooting of Michael Brown in August, and the ensuing unrest in Ferguson, exposes a wide “gulf of mistrust” that exists between community members […]

By: Daniela Tagtachian, Associate Editor Vol. 20 A recent conservative initiative from South Carolina to Colorado has called for the AP U.S. History curriculum to be more in line with “patriotism” and “respect for authority.” The Republican National Committee adopted a resolution in August 2014 stating that the College Board’s framework for Advanced Placement U.S. […]

The law operates differently for people depending on their skin color. What we are witnessing in Ferguson is an especially horrifying reminder of this insidious truth. Here’s some essential reading on this latest crisis: “What I Saw in Ferguson” – Jelani Cobb “In Ferguson, the Blurred Line Between Law Enforcement and Combat” – Adam Serwer “America Is […]

By Pete Osornio, Associate Editor, Volume 19 I. Diversity (Re)affirmed Grutter v. Bollinger definitively authorized the use of affirmative action policies in higher education,[1] resolving the circuit split[2] that followed the Supreme Court’s fractured opinion in Regents of University of California v. Bakke.[3] In Grutter, the Supreme Court endorsed Justice Powell’s view that diversity is a […]

On Schuette Pete Osornio Associate Editor,  Michigan Journal of Race & Law Volume 19 Yesterday, in Schuette v. Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action, the Supreme Court upheld a state constitutional amendment prohibiting affirmative action preferences in college admissions, effectively making it more difficult for minorities to rectify the lasting impacts of slavery and discrimination. As a result, there are now […]