By Zachery NewtonAssociate Editor, Vol. 26 Despite being the home of 20% of Americans, only an estimated 2% of practicing attorneys live in rural America.[1] It is not uncommon for rural counties to have few, sometimes zero, practicing lawyers. The shortage in these “legal deserts” is not for a lack of need. In 2017, low-income […]

By Karly JungAssociate Editor, Vol. 26 Across the globe, academics and activists mobilized to thoroughly examine a Harvard professor’s characterization of “comfort women” as prostitutes.[1] So-called “comfort women” consisted of women and girls from various countries (though primarily from Korea, a colony of Japan at the time) who were taken to warfront “comfort stations” during […]

By Isha AbbasiAssociate Editor, Vol. 26 Ding. The familiar, and now haunting, sound of a CNN news notification pierced my expecting ears. I was used to getting one a day now. Sometimes a mundane story about who won The Voice, most times a horrific statistic about the rapid spread and death toll of the COVID-19 […]

By Abigail HesterAssociate Editor, Vol. 26 Let me set a scene:             You’re a waitress. You’ve been in quarantine for months and are finally, finally, getting to return to work. You’re weary about COVID, but desperate to receive a consistent paycheck. During your quarantine, you’ve been one of the lucky ones. You have not been […]

By Nathan BennettAssociate Editor, Vol. 26             As the COVID-19 crisis extends into its second year in the United States, the years-long epidemic of opioid misuse continues forward—and may be worsening.[1] The opioid crisis is popularly portrayed as a problem of white America—suburban moms hooked on prescription pills and Appalachian men laid off from factory […]

By: Eve HastingsAssociate Editor, Vol. 26 Background Mapping Inequality is a website created through the collaboration of three teams at four universities including the University of Richmond, Virginia Tech, University of Maryland, and Johns Hopkins University.[1] I was introduced to the website through my Property professor during the Fall 2020 semester as we learned about […]