by Becky Wasserman Associate Editor, Vol. 25 This year, a group of Michigan law students – including members of the Michigan Journal of Race & Law – traveled to New Haven, Connecticut for Yale Law School’s annual Rebellious Lawyering Conference. The mission of the conference is to convene:  . . . practitioners, law students, and […]

by Tamar Alexanian Associate Editor, Vol. 25 In January, Virginia became the thirty-eighth state to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA). But the history of the ERA spans nearly a century, and the fight isn’t over yet. What does the ERA say? The original text of the ERA was written in 1923 by Alice Paul, […]

by Amanda Stephens Associate Editor, Vol. 25 2.2 million people are incarcerated in the United States.[1] Of those millions of people, 67% of those individuals are people of color.[2] This fact is not new. Scholars and activists over the last decade have worked tirelessly to bring attention to the severity of this issue, speaking loudly […]

By Jonah Rosenbaum Associate Editor, Vol. 25   As Pete Buttigieg surged into being a serious contender for the Democratic nomination, aided in part by a not so subtle push from a fawning media, a less flattering narrative has emerged—the white, small town Mayor of South Bend, Indiana has a race problem. A recent South […]