By Miguel Medina Associate Editor, Vol. 25 Anyone from Chicago knows quite well that construction is booming. With 33 new high rises in progress, Downtown continues to boast an increasingly packed skyline .”[i] As a summer associate at a large Chicago law firm earlier this year, I made a few trips to the South Loop. […]

By Raul Noguera-McElroy Associate Editor, Vol. 25 Part I: Overview This fall, I enrolled in Race and the Law, a class that examines how the United States’ legal system oppresses various ethnic and/or racial minority groups. The course gave a passing mention of how the child welfare system fits in this framework without deeper analysis […]

By Kyle Pham Associate Editor, Vol. 25 Students for Fair Admissions, Inc. v. Harvard is a federal lawsuit challenging Harvard University’s consideration of race and ethnicity in its undergraduate admissions process.[1] While U.S. District Judge Allison D. Boroughs recently ruled in favor of Harvard University and upheld its used of race in student admissions, Students […]

By Edith Lerner Associate Editor, Vol. 25 About one year ago, our editor Samantha Kulhanek wrote a blog post called How Jeff Sessions is Quietly Transforming Immigration Law to Promote His Anti-Immigrant Agenda. In it, she describes a growing trend during Session’s tenure as head of the Department of Justice, in which more immigration cases were […]