By: Eve HastingsAssociate Editor, Vol. 26 Background Mapping Inequality is a website created through the collaboration of three teams at four universities including the University of Richmond, Virginia Tech, University of Maryland, and Johns Hopkins University.[1] I was introduced to the website through my Property professor during the Fall 2020 semester as we learned about […]

By: Daniel BaumAssociate Editor, Vol. 26             This blog calls on scholars and practitioners to advocate, and for courts to hold, that every student in this country—no matter whether they live in Orange, Wayne, or Washtenaw County, or whether their skin is Black, white, or neither—possesses a fundamental right to education that the government must […]

By: Thomas DesoutterAssociate Editor, Vol. 26 Brazil is a nation of 210 million people, sixty percent of whom are Black or multiracial. Many of the country’s most celebrated cultural traditions are rooted in the practices of Brazil’s enslaved people and their descendants. The most famous Brazilian of all time, the soccer legend Pelé, is Black, […]

 By: Liza DavisAssociate Editor, Vol. 26               Under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), every child with a disability who participates in a state school system accepting federal special education funds is guaranteed a free appropriate public education in the least restrictive environment appropriate.[i] Instead of ensuring that all disabled children have meaningful access to […]

By: Thomas DesoutterAssociate Editor, Vol. 26 The most famous sheriff in U.S. history is Bull Connor, the Alabama lawman who turned fire hoses on peaceful civil rights protesters in defense of white supremacy. No prosecutor is quite so recognizable by name, but many a District Attorney is infamous for harsh punishment in his own town. […]

By: Andrew MorinAssociate Editor, Vol. 26            This past election, California voters decided on an issue that may have far-ranging consequences for the future of employment and worker’s rights across the country. Proposition 22, approved by 56% of California voters, excludes gig companies such as Uber, Lyft, DoorDash, and others from a law that would have […]

By: Eve HillmanAssociate Editor, Vol. 26 In Childress v. City of Richmond, seven white male police officers sued their employer on hostile work environment grounds under Title VII.[1] Their claim stemmed from allegedly racially discriminatory and sexually harassing conduct by their lieutenant directed towards Black female police force members.[2] The court dismissed the Title VII […]

By Alexandra van DorenAssociate Editor,  Vol. 26 In September of 2020, many reacted with equal parts shock and disgust at the headlines that began to emerge detailing the unauthorized hysterectomies being performed in the Irwin County immigration detention facility in Georgia.[1] That shock, while understandable, is unfounded. Jamille Fields Allsbrook, the Director of Women’s Health […]