By: Andrew MorinAssociate Editor, Vol. 26            This past election, California voters decided on an issue that may have far-ranging consequences for the future of employment and worker’s rights across the country. Proposition 22, approved by 56% of California voters, excludes gig companies such as Uber, Lyft, DoorDash, and others from a law that would have […]

By: Eve HillmanAssociate Editor, Vol. 26 In Childress v. City of Richmond, seven white male police officers sued their employer on hostile work environment grounds under Title VII.[1] Their claim stemmed from allegedly racially discriminatory and sexually harassing conduct by their lieutenant directed towards Black female police force members.[2] The court dismissed the Title VII […]

By Alexandra van DorenAssociate Editor,  Vol. 26 In September of 2020, many reacted with equal parts shock and disgust at the headlines that began to emerge detailing the unauthorized hysterectomies being performed in the Irwin County immigration detention facility in Georgia.[1] That shock, while understandable, is unfounded. Jamille Fields Allsbrook, the Director of Women’s Health […]

 By Emma RosenAssociate Editor, Vol. 26    “The IRS’s decision to exclude incarcerated persons from advance refund payments is likely contrary to law…. Plaintiffs have established they are likely to be irreparably injured without an injunction.”[i]  Judge Hamilton, of the Northern District of California, gave hope to incarcerated individuals and their families by issuing an injunction […]

By Clara ButlerAssociate Editor, Vol. 26 The 2020 election came down to slim margins in counties across the nation. Yet, over five million people in this country were unable to cast a ballot because of their involvement with the criminal justice system.[1] The Supreme Court has held that it is not a violation of the […]

 By Aashna RaoAssociate Editor, Vol. 26                  As the U.S.’s South Asian immigrant population continues to grow, scholars across disciplines and cultures have attempted to reckon with the concept of caste-based discrimination in America.[i] Lawyers and authors alike have tried to draw parallels between caste and race, perhaps in an attempt to squeeze the still-unfamiliar […]

By Jasmine BenjaminAssociate Editor, Vol. 26 On September 22, 2020, President Trump issued an executive order entitled, “Executive Order on Combating Race and Sex Stereotyping.”[i] The order prohibits government contractors from conducting workplace anti-bias training that is based on Critical Race Theory (CRT).[ii][iii] The executive order takes aim at the use of CRT-based anti-discrimination training […]